While the York Region Nature Collaborative was founded in York Region,
events are open to all interested educators, parents and families.

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  • Wednesday, February 03, 2021 at 07:30 PM

    Take Them Outside

    Get Your Kids Outside! A webinar for parents! 

    Event Description:

    Wondering how you are going to survive this winter pandemic with your children? Take them outside! This fun and creative workshop will give participants many ideas and examples of how we can support young children (1-12) as they play outside in all weather. Engage in conversation and examples of winter activities, rainy day fun, and what it really means to dress for the weather! Participants will also have an opportunity to see what programming at The Nature School at Kortright looks with examples of nature-based play that can be altered for various ages.


    Jasmine Green is a Teacher of The Nature School at Kortright and has been an outdoor educator for over 15 years! With a B.Ed in Outdoor and Experiential Education, a Forest School Practioners Certificate (in progress!!) , and general love and enthusiasm for bringing kids outside, she has helped to develop and deliver nature programming for children of all ages. Jasmine believes that there is no such things as bad weather, just bad clothing and when she’s not teaching other people’s offspring, she spends her time raising her own adventurous kids, taking them hiking, camping, and exploring!

    Tickets and Information (Pay what you can!):


  • Saturday, February 13, 2021 at 10:00 AM

    Foundations in Early Learning

    Land as Teacher: Foundations in Early Learning - Webinar

    Event Description:

    Come join in on a virtual conversation between Dr. Diane Kashin and Hopi Martin as we consider the foundations of early learning from both Anishinaabe and western worldviews through relationships to Indigenous Knowledge and Reggio Emilia approach. What happens to our understanding of the four conditions of learning (Well-Being, Belonging, Engagement and Expression) described in How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years if we consider teachings from Mother Earth first? What are the practical applications of these teachings that can be applied by all nations through relationships, play, learning and documentation?


    Oshkaabewis (Helper and Messenger) Hopi Martin, Ojibwe Marten Clan, Lenape/Briton/European, PhD Candidate in Early Years Developmental Psychology and Education, OISE/UT

    Dr. Diane Kashin, RECE, Volunteer, York Region Nature Collaborative (YRNC)


    Tickets are pay what you can, and can be found here:


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