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We are a collaborative of early years organizations & associations committed to improving access to nature programs for people of all ages. While the collaborative was founded in York Region, membership and events are open to all interested educators, parents and families. 




Volunteer with us! 

We are currently accepting new members to the York Region Nature Collaborative.

If you are interested in attending meetings, helping to organize events, or volunteering in any capacity that fits your schedule, please reach out to Rachel at [email protected]. Hope to meet you soon!


June is National Indigenous History Month! 

On June 21, 2021, the YRNC partnered with Dr. Hopi Martin from Edge of the Bush and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority to produce two short films. Click the titles to view each of the videos.


1. Land as Teacher: Meeting at the Edge of the Bush


This first video in the 'Land as Teacher Docuseries' introduces an Anishinaabe conceptual framework for diverse peoples and nations 'Meeting at the Edge of the Bush' in the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation. In this film produced by Ravensun Media in partnership with Toronto Region Conservation Authority and the York Region Nature Collaborative, Dr. Hopi Martin describes the protocols of coming to the 'Edge of the Bush' to establish and maintain respectful relationships between Indigenous and settler peoples. 

2. Land as Teacher Partnerships

In this second video produced by Ravensun Media in the 'Land as Teacher Docuseries', Darryl Gray and Adrian O'Driscoll from Toronto Region Conservation Authority and Dr. Diane Kashin from the York Region Nature Collaborative share their perspectives on the relevance of learning from Indigenous peoples about the protocols and pedagogies of the land as positive steps towards walking together as allies in Truth and Reconciliation. 


For more information about our past and upcoming 'Land as Teacher' events please see: Proceeds from these events are being donated to the Land as our First Teacher Fund which is making conservation lands accessible to urban Indigenous children, youth, families, and Elders for land-based learning and ceremonies.


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