To build a movement in which every child has the right to meaningful outdoor experiences that invite them to play, learn, and explore their place in nature every day.


To empower the early learning communities of York Region to engage meaningfully with nature on a daily basis. 


We believe In:

    • Children’s engagement with nature as essential to a child’s health and well-being as food and water
    • All season exposure to the outdoors must be valued at home and in all learning environments.
    • Equitable access to parks and natural spaces for all.
    • Play spaces and opportunities foster imagination and must include natural materials.
    • All educators, formal and informal have the capacity
      to deepen sustained connections to natural world

      and are partners in place-based learning  


Strategy 1 - Improve Training, Mentorship, and Innovation opportunities in York Region

  1. Create and implement a professional learning model related to teaching and learning in nature
  2. Host an annual early-learning innovation incubator
  3. Curate, connect and share resources and mentorship opportunities for the early learning community and beyond.

Strategy 2 - Influence the Quality Of and Access to Parks and Natural Spaces

  1. Act as a central hub and liaison for opportunities and programs that encourage and facilitate access to local natural parks and spaces.
  2. Partner with municipalities, post- secondary institutions, and the learning community to develop sustainable approaches for design and creation of school yard, parks and natural spaces with the principles of the environment as a teacher.

Strategy 3 - Communicate the benefit of outdoor learning, playing, and experiences.

  1. Work with partners, including the ECE community, to promote the health benefits of outdoor learning, play and experiences through social media, promotional campaigns and outreach programs.
  2. Develop and promote intergenerational learning programs, including nature hikes, gardening and cultural experiences.



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