Land as Teacher: Celebrating Winter Solstice

 Land as Teacher: Celebrating Winter Solstice 


Come join Gokoomis (Grandmother Jacque) and Dr. Hopi Martin for Winter Solstice Ceremony from the first Ojibwe Wiigiwaam (Bush Home/Teaching Lodge) that was built in partnership with the York Region Nature Collaborative to make space for Indigenous, land-based teachings on lands looked after by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority! Here we will be ‘feasting’ the Memory Teaching Bundle and the Seasonal Pedagogy that has been guiding our walk together through the Four Seasons in support of children and families!


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All tickets are pay what you can, and donations go to the Land as Our First Teacher Fund  making Conservation Lands accessible to urban Indigenous children, youth, families, and Elders in support of Traditional Land-based learning opportunities.


December 18, 2021 at 10:00am - 11:30am

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