Education Exploration Project - June 2014

Participants delved into the concepts of inquiry-based learning – looking closely at how children learn, and thinking deeply about how to bring creative and critical thinking skills into the classroom using purposefully curated materials. Educators were given time to connect and build online networks for professional and classroom use. The full-day session was a wonderful opportunity to explore wonder, curiosity and creativity, making learning visible, pedagogical documentation, emergent curriculum, community-building, student engagement, and more. 

Exhibit and Pedagogical discussion was facilitated by: 
DIANE KASHIN Professor, Bachelor of Child Development, Seneca College LOUISE JUPP Professor, Bachelor of Child Development, Seneca College ROSALBA BORTOLOTTI Head of School, Founder, Consultant at Acorn School 

@DianeKashin1   @LouiseJupp   @Acorn_School   #EdExProject

Pop-Up Lab School was powered by: 
SIMONE SPIEGEL and AVIVA FUDEM Idea Architects, Freelance Educators, ThinkinEd

@msspgl   @afudem   @ThinkinEd   @EdExProject

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